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By: hanie liza

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Tuesday, 1-May-2007 12:00 Email | Share | Bookmark

Orange Basket
Strawberry Fan
Green Onion Garnish
Apple Wings
Pine-apple slices
Pineapple “boat”
Stuffed pineapple
Banana “boat”
Stuffed melon
kakliza suka tenguk makanan yg dihiaskan dengan begitu cantik..
bukan hanya untuk pengantin tapi untuk hidangan meja makan keluarga adalah penting..
selain dari mencantikkan lagi makanan yg dimasak..ia akan menambahkan keinginan untuk menikmati makanan itu..

setelah melayari beberapa laman web kakliza telah mengumpulkan dan ingin berkongsi ngan adik2 disini sebagai rujukan...

b]Orange Baskets[/b]
1. Hold a large orange on its side and make 2 cuts halfway into the top center
of the orange, 1/2 inch apart.
2. From each end, cut perpendicular into the orange, meeting the original cuts.
Remove the resulting wedges.
3. Scrape out interior fruit, leaving a hollow shell. Fill the orange basket with
fruits and berries and use as a centerpiece for display trays.

Strawberry Fan
1. Place strawberry, with stem end down, on a cutting board.
2. Using a sharp knife, make 1/8 inch slices, cutting straight down to the stem,
but not completely through the strawberry.
3. Place the strawberry on its side and carefully fan out the slices.

Green Onion Garnish
1. Cut root off of small green onion and discard.
2. Starting about 1 inch away from the green part of the onion,
use a sharp knife and make several lengthwise cuts through the white part
and to the end of the onion. Cuts should be made as close together a
s possible.
3. Cut off remaining green stalk and discard, leaving a 1 inch uncut section
of the white part of the onion.
4. Place a plastic twist around the uncut section of the onion to hold it together.
Place the entire onion in cold water until ready to use.
The thin cuts of the white onion will flair out and curl, making an
attractive garnish.
5. When ready to serve, remove the plastic twist and place on platter.

Apple Wings
1. Using either red or green apples, cut the apple in half and place flat
on cutting board.
2. Make 2 diagonal cuts into the top center, angling the knife toward the
center to form a small V-shaped wedge. Place wedge in lemon juice.
3. Cut out 3 to 4 more wedges, each 1/4 inch wider than the previous wedge.
Place each wedge in lemon juice.
4. Place wedges together to reform the apple half and gently move each
slice forward to form layers.

Exotic fruits will make a perfect dessert. Pineapples, bananas, melons,
kiwis and watermelons will decorate your table in the most beautiful way.
To make different compositions from these fruits, you need a paring knife,
a curved knife, a crimped knife, a round cutter of different sizes.

Pineapple peeling
Wash a pineapple carefully and peel the skin 1/2 inch thick from green leaves
toward the bottom.

Pine-apple slices
Cut a pineapple alongside into 4-6 parts.
Remove the flesh from the skin and divide into 6-8 slices.
You can also slice a pineapple, cut off the skin and the core.
Decorate pineapple slices with berries, cherries, asparagus and jelly.

Pineapple “boat” Cut a pineapple alongside into 6-8 parts.
Plane off a little of the skin to make the boat steady.
Cut off the core and separate the flesh from the skin.
Slice the flesh and put back in “the boat”.
Decorate every slice with almonds, berries or icing.

Stuffed pineapple
Cut the top from a pineapple.
Then cut out the flesh and take it out with a spoon.
Fill the inside with different fruits and icing.

Banana “boat” Make a cut through the skin of a banana and take out the flesh.
Attach the banana strip with a decorative rapier.
Fill the inside with bright fruit slices.

Stuffed melon
Wash a melon carefully.
Cut off 1/3 of the melon and take the inside out with a spoon.
Stuff with strawberries in wine.
Orange slices, berries and icing

Citrus fruits are an ideal product for the culinary decoration.
There are various compositions made from lemon, orange and lime slices.
To work on citruses, you will need a paring knife and a cannelure knife
(with a hollow on the blade).

With a cannelure knife, make vertical cuts along a whole fruit.
Then slice finely if you need slices for dish decoration and thicker if you need
for glass decoration.

Cut up slices
Slice a lemon finely and make a cut on e slice until the middle.
For a “cone”, lay the ends upon each other so that it looks like a funnel.
For a “spiral”, pull the ends apart and set on a dish.
You can make a “snake” from several “spirals” – place spirals one after
another and join the ends.

Slices with a loop
Cut a slice and peel the skin not completely, almost to the end.
Tie a peel strip in a loop.

Glass decoration
To decorate a glass with different beverages you can use various slices
and lobules.
Cannelured slices look great on the glass border.
Besides that, it is possible to cut out a small lobule and incise the peel for
1 inch deep.
Place the lobule with the incised peel on the border of a glass.

Orange Basket
Cut an orange into two halves and take out the flesh with a teaspoon.
Cut out two thick tops from another orange and put the baskets on them.
Fill the baskets with salads or olives.

“Water Lilly”
Make 8 cuts through the peel of orange or tangerine carefully on three fourth,
Separate peel from lobules carefully.
Then separate lobules from each other carefully, not tearing them from the
bottom of fruit.

Jelled oranges and lemons
Cut fruit into halves lengthwise and take out flesh with a scoop.
Put halves on glasses for steadiness.
Pour in jelly and put in the fridge to congeal.
Then slice fruit halves and decorate a composition.

“Fan”Place 3-4 thin slices as fan


1. MUZA ~~ betui tu..aceli kena praktiskan kerja2 begini...
2. Jie Jie ~~ cantik kannn...
3. rinnchan ~~ sekalo sekala jemu masak..sajalah browse sana sini cari ilham...
4. sriselasih ~~ dulu masa kkliza muda..selalu masuk pertandingan..mmg suka buat gubahan/hiasan makanan...
5. Penyulawa ~~ mmg cantik lagi makanan kalau ada hiasan ..walaupun sikit..
6. MamaFaMi ~~ kalau nak buat kat rumah..cuba yg sempoi2 jela...
7. stROZze ~~ tapi kalau tak makan..lagi sayang..membazir pula...
8. nthero w'salam ~~ TQ..
9. mummy rita ~~ TQ..
10. noor ~~ Alhamdulillah...
11. ida isk ~~ W'salam...mana ada banyak..sikit jer..

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